It Has Been A While... A personal note from Jane Ann

The past couple of years have gone by in a blurr!  

From 2016 to the end of 2018, I served as the Director of Design for McSpadden Homes.  It was a great experience. I appreciated working with a very talented team and loved our wonderful clients. 

To everything there is a season, and this one is changing.  It is a wonderous thing when your business grows to the degree that it requires a refinement.  In order to serve my interior design clients at the level of service that is the hallmark of Jane Ann Designs, I have decided to let go of builder services and focus on residential interior design.  It is an exciting time.

Jane Ann Designs is still involved with a number of projects with the McSpadden team and will see them through to completion.  They understand my decision, and, if any of their clients would like interior design and decor help, they are recommending me, so it really is the best of all worlds as we change up how we do business together.

As we go into Spring, I am wishing each of you the best season yet!  I sure am excited about mine.

Jane Ann

McSpadden Custom Homes and Jane Ann Designs Join Forces

McSpadden Custom Homes Names Jane Ann Simon as Director of Design and Jane Ann Designs as Resident Interior Design Firm.

Jane Ann Simon Designs New Design Center for McSpadden Custom Homes

Lake Wylie, SC, (August 1, 2017) McSpadden Custom Homes has announced the appointment of Jane Ann Simon of Jane Ann Designs as Director of Design and resident interior design firm.
McSpadden selected Simon in 2016 to collaborate with the development of their new Design Center. This state-of-the-art facility will enable McSpadden Custom and Signature Homes' clients to make all of the selections for their new home in one place. Simon was chosen to create this space because of her work on the award-winning design center for Traton Homes, recently of Charlotte, North Carolina. Simon was the winner of the 2016 Charlotte Home Builder's Association Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence (MAME) for "Design Center and Experience".
McSpadden also collaborated with Simon on developing their new Signature Home division, and specifying selections for this product. Signature Homes are a McSpadden floor plan catalogue starting at $600,000. "Together we have created the perfect hybrid between the production and custom world, " says Doug McSpadden, owner of McSpadden Custom Homes.
"Jane Ann makes the design process easy and fun for our clients," says Doug McSpadden. "The fact that she can take the clients through the selections process, walk them through construction, and, if needed, help them with their furnishings and interiors, makes her a perfect fit for the McSpadden team."
The McSpadden Homes Design Center will be available exclusively to the clients of Jane Ann Designs and McSpadden Custom and Signature Homes beginning in September. 
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Custom Home Building... Coming Full Circle

It is always gratifying to have your work acknowledged by the industry.  It is no surprise then, that when I found out that my work was going to be featured in the April issue of Custom Builder Magazine, I was stoked! The magazine was doing an article on Children and Teen spaces and I had just finished a model that featured several of those.  It was a matter of the right connection, the right subject matter, the quality of the work, and the right timing.

The custom home building industry is where I started as a designer.  I shadowed a custom home builder's interior designer and, most likely, drove her crazy all those years ago.  My journey has led me from custom home building to staging, from staging to full service interior design, from my own business to working in the furniture industry, from retail to the director of design position with a production builder, and now, back around to the custom world and full service interior design business again.  In other words, I have come full circle.  

Right now I work with McSpadden Custom Homes as their preferred Interior Designer.  McSpadden is known for their beautiful, and high quality, one-of-a-kind homes.  I enjoy working with Doug and his team and the opportunity to be involved from the ground up creates a seamless and stree-free process for our clients.  If you are looking for a custom home builder in the Southwest Charlotte/ Lake Wylie/ Gaston county areas, you should check us out!

While I love the construction phase, I am happiest when I get to follow the job all the way through to the final accessory.  From floor plans to furniture arrangements; cabinet layouts to window treatments; creating a home that functions as beautifully as it looks is such a thrill to execute.  And,  isn't a good final result what we all want ~ in whatever field that we enjoy?

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The Domination of and How to Make It Work for You.

Just this week I received the wonderful news that one of the family room spaces that I designed has been chosen as the 2017 Best of Houzz Family Room for the Charlotte Metro Area! bases these awards on the popularity of the photo by how many times it is downloaded into Houzz ideabooks, an online tool that allows users to save ideas.  

Houzz is quite a phenomenal website.  They have 35 million users, with 25 million unique visits a month.  They feature the portfolio's over 800,000 professionals equaling almost 13 million photographs.  The Charlotte NC metro area alone has over 40,000 professionals that showcase their work, services and products on the site.  To have had my work chosen is kind of a miracle and I am thrilled. is a great resource for homeowner's that are getting ready to renovate, redecorate or build.  In fact 90% of Houzz users are homeowners which makes it a great tool for those wanting ideas.

If you are looking to build, renovate or re-decorate, I would encourage you to start saving ideas to the Houzz Ideabooks.  The website is very user friendly and the ideabooks are a great way to create an online photo album that you can then share with your designer.  I use it quite frequently to collaborate on ideas with clients.  There is a privacy setting that allows you to determine how much you want to share with the public which is nice for those of us that don't want to share every little detail.  

The easiest way to find what you want is to browse by Keyword.  For example, if you want to see ideas for your new kitchen, and you know that you want it to be gray and white with quartz countertops, you can type all of those words into the search bar at the top of the page and it will narrow down the choices to a few thousand instead of a few million!  Get even more specific; like naming the quartz that you want to see - for example La Vietera Snow Storm - and you will narrow it even more.  This will keep you from seeing way more than you have the time to browse, and, get you the photos that are exactly what you need.

When you visit Houzz; be sure to stop by Jane Ann Designs at the link below:

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Seasonal Decor

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
'Tis the season for holiday decor.  It's that magical time of year when we transform our homes to reflect the holiday season.  We add lights to mantles, trees and our exteriors.  We bring the outdoors in with boughs and holly.  It is truly a magical time of the year.  

The Biltmore House in Asheville takes it to a whole other level!

One of the things that I like to do in my own home is decorate for all four seasons.  Do you do that?  While I love Christmas, I find it a releif to put it all away between Christmas and the New Year.  I love starting January 1 with a clean slate.  After taking down the tree, mantle, lights and other decorative items, my home almost seems too empty, when that fact is that I have only removed the Christmas decorations.
 The truth is that in the fall and winter, I cozy up my home adding thick throws and additional textiles, books and other assorted items to make the home feel warmer.  


In the Spring, I begin to lighen up the space.  I might change out throw pillows, take away heavy accessories, put out a lighter weight throw and bring in some fresh greenery or flowers.

Summer brings a whole new opportlunity to change it up again.  Perhaps you roll up the area rug and use none or one made of jute.  Now is the time to really play with color and go bold with throw pillows and artwork.  Perhaps you enjoy the beach and might want to add a nautical touch to your home? Maybe you want to add a touch of the tropics?  How much you do is up to you!  The good news is that even small changes will make a big impact on how you enjoy your home in each season.

Jane Ann Designs

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Introducing Jane Ann Designs...

Welcome to Jane Ann Designs!

It is exciting to introduce myself and my new business to you.  Many of you know me and know that I have been in the interior design field for a long time.  I truly love what I do and it feels like I am doing exactly what I was created to do, so much so, that it almost never feels as though I am working.  I am truly blessed!

I cut my teeth in the custom home building industry and had my first design consultation business in 1992.  In 2005, I opened a staging firm which quickly morphed into a full service interior design organization.  I served in that capacity until 2011 when "life came at me fast".  I quickly found a position in the home furnishing industry and joined Bassett Furniture just as they launched their HGTV association. Customers came into the showroom asking for their "Makeover" and that was just what I was happy to do for them.  This experience was invaluable and I will always be proud of the work that I did there and all that I learned.

Realizing that the retail world was just a place to visit, it was time for me to return to new home construction and I accepted a position at Traton Homes as the Director of Design.  Traton Homes had scattered lots throughout Charlotte, and, two neighborhoods that they developed; Rosecliff and Oak Grove Estates both in Waxhaw, NC.    I chose the exteriors and interiors for the market homes, and helped clients do that for their new homes.  For the community of Rosecliff, I oversaw the merchandising of the model using some of the furniture and accessories provided to the Charlotte divison by the corporate headquarters in Atlanta.  The most fun was getting to complete the dining room and the hidden billiard room, both were new rooms that had no furniture provided.


I also enjoyed selecting for the Traton Homes Design Center and was awarded the 2015 Best Design Center and Experience Award by the Charlotte Homebuilders Association Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence (MAME)


Oak Grove Estates was my baby and I enjoyed planning the streetscapes, the entry monuments, and I was able to fully design and furnish the model home there.  We chose to do a modern interpretation of the luxury farmhouse and this model gained lots of attention during the recent Parade of Homes.

All of these wonderful experiences and opportunites have led me to where I am today; introducing Jane Ann Designs!  I hope you will join me here on the blog as I share design tips, trends, the work of fellow designers, my own work and more.  I am so happy that you are here! Read more